the rewilding academy is a school of human rewilding.

through collaborative games, exercises and talking, we explore our inner environment, learn about our relationship with the wider world, and reconnect with our wild selves.

by understanding that we are part of nature, and trusting in our own innate wisdom, we can start the journey home.


more and more people are starting to feel that the influence and requirements of industrial civilisation are cutting them off from something important.

in the way we live together, the way we work, the way we raise our children, and the way we treat each other, something has gone wrong.

but every time we try to fix these things, or try doing them differently, we find we have brought along with us the old patterns and habits that created the problem in the first place.


we need to go deeper, to unearth the constraints and conditioning of civilised life, and reconnect to the deep nature of nature.

human rewilding is the process of exploring this conditioning, seeing where it is lodged in our own beings, and playfully finding ways to let it go.

it is a means both of reconnecting with our bodies and emotions, and of creating mental maps so we understand how we got here.

most of all, it is an opportunity to share your deeper self, and your own path of exploration, with other human beings in an atmosphere of play, acceptance and understanding.